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About the IAB Digital Advertising Directory

The IAB Digital Advertising Directory helps you discover and understand the best digital media advertising programs. The goal of the Directory is to help you create better media plans with less effort.

One Comprehensive Tool for Digital Media Planners

Advertising agencies waste a lot of time gathering information to create media plans for their clients. Existing research tools provide site information such as number of visitors, number of page views, and visitor demographics. However, those tools do not give a media planner all the necessary information to create media plans. Planners still need up-to-date information about placement options, inventory, pricing, creative specifications, media kits, ordering, and sales contacts. They have to manually collect this information, and the information they receive is non-standard and typically incomplete.

The IAB Digital Advertising Directory helps provide a single stop for all the necessary information that planners need, by providing "data cards" for the leading digital media advertising programs. Each data card presents a comprehensive dossier of information in a standardized one-page format.

The Directory was developed in partnership with IAB and Bionic Advertising Systems. Bionic provides the technology and database that powers the IAB Digital Media Directory. Bionic also provides match-making and collaborative workflow systems for media planning, ad sales, and ad operations.

Which media channels are covered by the Directory?

The IAB Digital Advertising Directory includes digital advertising programs from the online display, mobile display, online video, digital audio, e-newsletter, and SMS advertising channels.

Where does the Directory data come from?

The Directory data is sourced directly from the publishers or sellers of the advertising programs.

How can I include my program in the Directory?

You can create or update Directory listings for your digital media programs through a free Data Card Publishing Service provided by Bionic.

How do IAB members benefit from the Directory?

The Directory gives advertising programs more exposure and makes it easier for media planners to buy those programs. IAB Members get preferred placement in search results and an IAB member badge on their listings.

Is the Directory open to non- IAB Members?

Yes. Any provider of digital media advertising programs can participate.

Questions and Support

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